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Issue: Whether to establish a federal standard for the purpose of determining if a borrower can establish a defense to the repayment of a Direct loan or recover for the amounts already paid on a Direct Loan based on an act or omission of an institution: BD Issue Paper 1 Session 2 12.28.17

Issue: Developing a regulatory framework for the process of submitting and evaluating a borrower defense (BD) to repayment claim: BD Issue Paper 2 Session 2 12.28.17

Issue: Financial Responsibility and Administrative Capability: BD Issue Paper 3 Session 2 12.28.17

Issue: Pre-dispute Arbitration Agreements, Class Action Waivers, and Internal Dispute Processes: BD Issue Paper 4 Session 2 12.28.17

Issue: Closed School Discharge: BD Issue Paper 5 Session 2 12.28.17

Issue: False Certification: BD Issue Paper 6 Session 2 12.28.17  

Issue: Guaranty Agency Collection Fees: BD Issue Paper 7 Session 2 12.28.17

Issue: Whether to recalculate a borrower’s Subsidized Usage Period and interest accrual, if applicable, when the borrower receives a discharge of a loan for which he or she has not received all or part of the educational benefit of the loan: BD Issue Paper 8 Session 2 12.28.17

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