Beth Gardner and Tony Palmieri, Valley College

The Gainful Employment regulation is a brutal reality. Think you’re safe? Think again. Your numbers may not be what you think they are. The only way to save your students and your school from this harmful regulation is to ask for the help of your local members of Congress. We must influence their actions as Congress begins work to reauthorize the Higher Education Act. It’s not rocket science but it requires work. This session will start with a brief review of a few elements of GE and how they affect your numbers – you may not believe your eyes! Then we will show you a proven, step by step method for finding and inviting your legislators and hosting an impactful visit. These are OUR representatives and they CARE about their constituents. We and our students have a great story to tell. Let us give you all the resources to spread the truth about our positive impact on the people and businesses in the communities we serve.

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