• Federal and State Affairs

    Whether it is federal legislative and regulatory activity, or state-specific activity impacting students and private institution, CSPEN is here to provide you with the latest information and steps you and your institution can take to advocate for your students and your school(s).


  • Community Action

    Our members play a critical role in providing highly skilled employees for our local workforce and growing economy. Private career colleges and schools provide individuals field-specific education, at both degree and certificate levels, helping to fill the gap of skilled workers that employers demand. Join us in sharing our students’ success with legislators, agencies and other policy makers.


  • Professional Development

    Sponsored learning opportunities are available for our members on an ongoing basis. Our goal is to offer relevant information to every department, and in most cases, free of charge. Please check back often for updated webinars and other events on our calendar and Resources tab, and join our mailing list to be notified of upcoming events.


The Career Schools Private Education Network (CSPEN) is a non-profit organization promoting education to and about private post-secondary career schools and the benefits these institutions provide to students and the businesses that employ their graduates.


Our Mission

CSPEN is a 501(c)(3) charitable education organization dedicated to promoting the interests of students and private schools. CSPEN works collaboratively with other like-minded national and state organizations, their representatives, and the supporters of our shared community throughout the United States.

CSPEN’s mission is to provide post-secondary educational institutions with access to resources and information designed to assist the institutional community in achieving compliance with state and federal legislative requirements and regulatory requirements and supporting students futures through the promotion of student access, completion, and successful entry into the occupational discipline and career of each student’s choosing

CSPEN helps to achieve this mission by providing an array of tools, including publication and dissemination of the latest news and events at federal and targeted state levels, presentation of innovative webinars, videos, and thought-provoking blogs, as well as direct access to leading experts in curriculum development, student support services, financial literacy, and more.



CSPEN was initially established to promote the interests of students and private schools in the states of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  Based on interest and need of institutions across the country, CSPEN took the necessary steps to become a 501(c)(3) charitable education organization and expanded our mission throughout the country.