Our Community

What is our community?

Our community represents leaders in the proprietary higher-education sector. Spread across the nation, our community educates tens of thousands of students across hundreds of specialized career specific training degree- and certificate-granting programs.

Our community knows first-hand the challenges our students face, and we strive to provide our students/graduates with pertinent education and skills necessary for the dynamic job market.

We remain diligent in providing a top-notch and cost-effective higher education for our students, despite continued criticism from the media and Washington, DC politicians.

Messages from The CSPEN Board and Executive Team

To Our Patrons:

The Board of Directors and Executive Team for the Career Schools Private Education Network (CSPEN) would like to thank all the Patrons who have invested in the establishment and support of this grassroots federal and state advocacy network.

Your valued support and investment in this organization have helped to create a clearinghouse for all sectors of the private school industry. A clearinghouse which will enable the schools to share information, access resources to assist them in their operations, and most importantly promote the virtues of our sector of higher education’s ability to meet the skilled-workforce demands of employers through quality, private postsecondary education and training.

It is our belief that CSPEN’s greatest asset is you – and all of your peers – who have collectively combined to form a unique wealth of knowledge and expertise from within the broader private community in order to help promote your central state clients, their students, their employers, and our collective needs. Together, we can chip away at the misconceptions of our industry and create awareness among elected officials and legislators of the unlimited benefits our schools bring to the workforce.

This multipronged and multi-angled approach to government relations is a new, all-encompassing voice for the higher education community which is intended to supplement, not supplant, the work of individual state associations where they already exist, and establish our voice in states where there currently is no such voice. Nowhere else will you find such an association of schools, students, and employers working as one.

Thank you for your support!