Northern District Court of Texas – Fort Worth Division Issue Preliminary Injunction on 150% Rule (“Bare Minimum Rule”) Current Regulations To Remain In Place on Enjoined

Just a little over an hour ago, United States District Court Judge Mark T. Pittman issued a Memorandum Opinion & Order in the case of 360 Degrees Education, LLC et al. v. U.S. Department of Education (Case No. 4:24-cv-00508-P) granting a preliminary injunction.

In the “CONCLUSION” of the 15-page ruling, Judge Pittman states:

“For the above reasons, the Schools carry their burden in establishing the requisite grounds for a preliminary injunction. Accordingly, the Court GRANTS the Schools’ Motion (ECF No. 5) with respect to its request for preliminary injunctive relief, but the Court DENIES the Motion with respect to all other equitable remedies.

Thus, the Court ORDERS that enforcement and implementation of the Bare Minimum Rule, as described herein and contained in the Department of Education’s October 31, 2023 Final Regulations, is hereby ENJOINED pending resolution of this lawsuit.

SO ORDERED on this 21st day of June 2024.”